Good ‘Ol Lacto Calamine :)


Lacto Calamine is a staple for almost every houshold.It’s been dere for years and hopefully it’ll continue to do so.

I personally remember seeing my mum use it for her zits.I never thought of it as being anything but a regular moisturizer until I used it myself and realised dat it’s more dan a damn moisturiser.It’s a life saver and trust me wen I say dat…….😀 ( Drama seems to be my forte!! :P)


  1. Moisturization
  2. Protection
  3. Dead skin removal
  4. Acne control

INGREDIENTS: Aqua,light kaolin,sorbitol solution 70%,propylene glycol,glycerin,aloe vera gel,castor oil,zinc oxide,zinc carbonate,simethicone,emulsifiers,preservatives,perfumes& permitted colors.

PRICE:Rs 32/- for 30 ml

Use before 5 yrs from Mfd date

I use da aloe variant and to say da least I simply love it…..🙂


  • Is gr8 for zits
  • Works very well as a makeup base
  • Adds a healthy glow to ur face on daily use
  • Since it contains zinc oxide, we can definitely assume dat it works as a sunscreen as well🙂 ( Here it definitely earned a brownie point from me)
  • Da aloe version is a very good moisturizer, I have super dry skin and yet it keeps my skin moisturized.If somebody finds it a bit dry, da person could mix it with a bit of some light moisturizer ( I use Johnsons baby cream !!😀 ) and den put it on their face.

  • It works gr8 as a cleanser
  • I love da smell, it’s absolutely gr8🙂
  • It’s quite affordable
  • It can be used to lessen allergic reactions and inflammations.
  •  Although I haven’t tried it , bt I’ve heard dat it can be used in face packs
  • Can be used to treat small cuts and wounds.


  • I’ve heard dat it can be used at night , bt wat gets me worried is dat it contains zinc oxide which tends to clog our pores.So I wonder if it’ll be any good for my skin if used for a long time.

RECOMMENDATION: I simply love dis product.I don’t think I have to recommend it to anyone bt I guess if anyone doesn’t have one, den da person should definitely gt one for themselves. It’s a lifesaver during emergencies.

Clean&Clear Foaming Facial Wash ( Product Review)


Sry abt da blurry pic!!

Da face wash is a transparent liquid wid da delicious smell of wild berries.It’s a very pocket friendly product at da price of Rs 15/- . I’d say it’s perfect for carrying while travelling.It’s a go-to product,perfect for me. I usually tend to carry it in my pocket for emergencies.I’d say it has da potential to become a HG product for makeup lovers on a budget.For me da product is gr8.

Clean&Clear’s face wash does live upto it’s name and does wat it claims : it cleans and clears my skin.My skin seems visibly bright after using it.I feel it refreshes my skin.

Though it’s gud bt da amt of foam it creates does make me think abt da amt of chemicals I’m putting on my face.So dat’s a bit of a turn off.

I’d say it’s perfect for travel purposes bt I wouldn’t really recommend it for daily use.And since I don’t use it on my skin on a daily basis, I don’t know how it’ll fare on my skin on daily use.Bt even den da cute little tube is gr8 for keeping as a go to product.

Da quantity is only 20 ml bt for me it lasts a long time.So no complains abt dat.Besides it’s small size is wat makes it suitable for using while travelling.

And lastiy , da packaging is so cute!!😀 I don’t know why bt such cute little bottles attract me alot.I simply adore such things.I find da packaging to be vry smart and convinient.


  • Travel friendly
  • Dirt cheap @ Rs 15/-
  • Smells delicious
  • Cleans my face very and makes it bright
  • Da packaging is something dat I simply adore
  • Da bottle cap is tight so it dosn’t leak,bt at da same time it’s very easy to open the flip cap.


  • It foams alot,which scares me into thinking dat da product must contain alot of chemicals to foam so well.I’m worried dat da product may nt fare so well on daily use and may even harm da skin if used for a long time.
  • Da product dosen’t have it’s ingredients list mentioned.Bt can’t really blame dem  cuz da bottle’s so small it becomes difficult for dem to put up da list.

RECOMMENDATION: I’d say da product is a must while travelling and would advice anyone reading dis blog to keep a bottle of it wid dem.


Desi Girl

Coloroma- Verde Palmeria ( PRODUCT REVIEW)


Whenever it comes to nail color, I always tend to be a little miserly.My budget usually remains within Rs 100/- although it can become Rs 200/- when I feel like splurging.I’m nt allowed to wear nail polish in school, it’s only during da holidays dat i gt to use a nail paint.So for me spending too much on nail colors is a complete waste of money.Another thing abt me is dat I tend to gt bored with using da same colors,so for me da smaller da bottle is da bttr it is for me.

Coloroma’s Verde Palmeria is a beautiful green color.I had been searching for a green dat would flatter my wheatish complexion.After many  disappointments I found dis.Da color is lovely and absolutely flatters my wheatish complexion.To all da   girls with wheatish complexion out dere, I’d say it’s a lovely color for u and very light on da pocket.Dis color although hasn’t become my HG  green yet, I’d say it’s a close second.At da price of jst Rs 85/- it’s a gr8 bargain. I simply love da color and I’d say dat it’s a very good color for almost all occasions.It’s  flattering enough to be worn on dates and parties and yet simple enough for daily wear.I’ve fallen in love wid dis color.😀

Da only thing I dislike abt dis is it’s quantity which is 8 ml.It seems to be quite alot for me.Like I said, I tend to gt bored wid colors so I wonder whether I’d be able to finish it or not…………Bt since i  think most of u wouldn’t really mind it’s quantity, I believe it’s nt a problem for all……..Jst me……….da finicky one😛

Love da way da color compliments my skin😀

Can't stop clicking it's pics....simply love da color🙂


  • Love da color
  • Stays for a gud 5-6 days
  • Very cheap at Rs 85/-
  • Application is quite smooth
  • Da brush’s length is perfect,nt too small nor too big
  • 8 ml is quite a gud quantity
  • Dries quickly, nt superfast although it’s enough 4 me


  • Da quantity is huge for me.Although most ppl may like da quantity bt 4 me da quantity is too much cuzz i don’t think i’ll be able to finish da full bottle

RECOMMENDATION: I’d recommend dis product to all da makeup lovers like me on a budget…….🙂


Desi Girl

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock : Product Review


Name: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock

Stabilized with Helioplex(TM) , it provides superior balanced broad spectrum protection against skin-aging UVAand burning UVB rays, and combines it with Dry Touch technology for an ultra-light, non-shiny finish.This lightweight sunblock has a light scent and is gentle enough for even sensitive skin.

  • waterproof,sweatproof,resists rub-off
  • non-comedogenic( won’t clog pores)
  • oil free and PABA free( dunno wat dat stands for)

Directions For Use: Apply liberally on face and body 15-30 minutes before sun exposure .For added protection, reapply after swimming , towel drying or extended sun exposure.

Price:Rs 150/- For 30 ml

The product claims dat Helioplex is a modern breakthrough.It chemically absorbs uv rays and helps stabilise  da sunblock, so it works for more dan 4 hrs.


  • Non greasy
  • Didn’t break me out
  • Prevents tanning very well,bt that’s obvious with the presence of spf 50+ and PA+++
  • Contains helioplex which enables me to last an entire day without re-application uunder normal circumstances
  • The smell is pleasant , nt vry over powering
  • Dosen’t leave a whitish cast on my face.



  • The smell although seems nice, may be over powering for da sensitive nose

RECOMMENDATION: I’d recommend dis product to everyone. For me, da product is God sent😀

Oil Cleansing Method(OCM) and it’s How To


      Dedicated to mah bst frnd Preeti :) 

                                                                             Oil dissolves oil

Dis would be da central idea of my post.Most of you would be knowing abt dis method by now bt i’d still want to share my very own version of it.Those of you who don’t know abt da OCM method may find it weird that a person would want to use oil to cleanse her face and make it oil free.But da catch is dat it does work, cause like i said oil dissolves oil.So basically i’d be using oil to dissolve da sebum and dirt in my skin and make my skin clean and oil free.There’s a saying dat da ppl of ancient Greece would use olive oil  to clean their entire body before bathing . Now we know da reason behind their enviable skin!!😛😀

To start wid dis method u’ll need da following things:

  • oil: could be almost any oil bt i believe olive oil and castor oil is da best 4 dis purpose
  • a CLEAN towel ( and wen i say clean, i basically mean germ free😛  cuzz if da towel’s nt germ free den da whole purpose of cleaning da face becomes a waste of time)
  • hot water; not scalding though,enough so your skin cn tolerate it
  • and finally 10 mins of ur time🙂

 Da steps for doing dis is fairly simple:

  1. First things come first, heat ur water to da optimum temperarure.Da water at it’s optimum temperature should nt scald you bt at da same time should feel warm enough.
  2. Remove any remains of makeup,sunscreen,etc. from ur skin using a gentle cleanser or face wash .
  3. Take a small amount of oil ( i use olive oil) and gently start massaging ur skin.
  4. Start with apples of ur cheeks and den move northwards towards ur forehead.
  5. Be very gentle wid ur skin cuz u dont’ want to scrub off da epidermis of ur skin,jst gently massage it ( REMEMBER: We’re nt trying to scrub our dishes wid vim bar!😀 It’s our face which is one of da softest parts of ur body )
  6. Slowly massage da sides of ur nose and gradually move towards ur nose bridge.
  7. Don’t forget da areas near ur mouth,da chin,da crevices of ur nose AND most importantly ur neck. Cuz even ur neck deserves special care and besides da skin on ur neck is thinner dan da skin on ur face.
  8. Now dip ur towel in da water and wring da excess water out
  9. Place it on ur face till it reaches room temperature
  10. Repeat steps 8 & 9 a few times ( 2-4 times usually)
  11. Wipe off da excess oil wid da moist towel when it comes to room temperature.
  12. Follow it off wid a light moisturiser and if u feel like it’s too much den u can skip da step.


  • It’s ur skin. You’d want to treat it well so be gentle while massaging
  • Make sure da towel is clean and germ free
  • A small hand towel would be ideal for dis bt u cn obviously use da bigger ones
  • Wash ur hands before u begin wid da OCM……cuz u don’t want da dirt to enter ur skin pores
  • Da best time for doing dis would be before bedtime
  • Ur skin may seem a little oily for da first few days cuz ur skin is adjusting itself to it bt it should eventually subside,If nt den i believe da OCM is nt ur cup of tea.

Now enough wid my rambling……..i believe u now know my secret to glowy skin… enjoy!!🙂

PS: I know my jokes suck,bt plz bear wid mah family and frnds😉


Desi Girl

Hello world!


Hey…………i’m so happy……….after dreaming abt having my very own blog for so long i finally have it here with me🙂

Dis blog would be all abt makeup and skincare for teens on a budget. Skincare would be my central focus although it can deviate at times to makeup and other lustful treats!! :P………i’ve noticed dat indian teens have to literally fight wars in order 2 take care of their skin wid da advent of acne and other skin troubles………well i have a hard time dealing wid dem myself so i guess my blog would be all abt winning dese battles wid grace.


Desi Girl